About us


The Nigerian Institution of Procurement Engineers was approved by NSE Council on 12th May 2016 .

The Institution commenced operation with 200 members, as of today we have members from 36 states of the Federation. Presently we have 21 National Executive Committee Members.

The  Institution was formed;

a. To articulate and formulate more Effective and Efficient Procurement processes.
b. To ensure that the Nigerian Society, Government, and its agencies have value for the taxpayer’s money. This will improve the standard of living of Nigerians.
c. To make sure that the Nigerian Procurement Engineers play the vital role of superintending the Procurement Process in both Private and Public Sectors.
d. To establish Partnerships and Collaboration with both the Federal Government Procurement Regulators, Ministries and Agencies inclusive of the Private Sector Service Providers etc.
e. To organize Training, Workshops, Seminars for our members and the general public in partnership with Procurement Research Institutes and Centres local, national and international outfits.
f. To ensure that Nigeria Contractors, Suppliers, Consultants and other Service Providers are given first consideration in all matters relating to both Private and Public Procurement by ensuring that the Nigerian Content Law and initiatives are complied with by all concerned.

Our Motto: Entreprenuership, Empowerment and Economy

Our Mission statement: Toward the Appropriate Development of Knowledge, Relevant e-Procurement Training, Technology and Institutional Capacity Building required for a sound procurement system.

With support from NIProcE, Procurement Process will be transparent and credible.