Membership benefit

Membership Benefits

1.  Recognition as a member of a profession body for procurement
2.  Membership of a pool of professionals with whom you can share experiences and discuss problems
3.  Access to the NIProcE materials e.g. Journals, Technical paper, Magazine etc
4.  Provide members with magazines, access to NIProcE organised events such as Workshops ,Seminars, Training         at a discounted rate for being a member
5.  Free advisory service on matters related to the profession from NIProcE for members
6.  Members will have access to NiProcE national and international contacts
7.  Right to vote at the NIProcE general meetings and be part of decision making in the profession

8.  Once fully paid up NIProcE issues a professional certificate upon meeting the laid down rules for         certification
9.  NIProcE can provide its member a letter of commendation for distinguished work experience, outstanding     performance or contribution in the field of procurement and supplies management