Our members

NIProcE provides membership of different categories namely; Corporate Membership, Associate Membership, Fellow and Firm

Corporate Member

A Corporate Member is eligible to all privileges of a Member as prescribed by the National Procurement Council. A Member can be elevated to Fellowship Cadre upon application and fulfilling all the conditions prescribed by the Board of Fellows and approved by the National Procurement Council.

Associate Member

A Person must possess a minimum of Higher National Diploma qualification or a University Degree in Management Sciences or other Disciplines. He or She shall have Hands-on Experience or Practice on Procurement or other qualifications approved by National Procurement Council. The person must have been engaged in work related to the practice of Procurement for a minimum period of three (3) years.

Fellow Member

A Fellow of the NIProcE is a Distinguished Member of the Institution with all privileges of a Member and other ones conferred by the National Procurement Council as prescribed by the Institution. Fellow of the Institution is recognized for valuable and selfless service to both Members and the Institution. He or She shall be elevated to the “Institution of Procurement Hall of Fame” provided that he or she is financially up to date.

Who We Are

The Nigerian Institution of Procurement Engineers was approved by NSE Council on 12th May 2016 .

The Institution commenced operation with 200 members, as of today we have members from 36 states of the Federation. Presently we have 21 National Executive Committee Members.

Motto: Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Economy

Mission Statement: Toward the Appropriate Development of Knowledge, Relevant e-procurement Training, Technology and Institutional Capacity building required for a sound procurement system.

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